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In 2018, brands spent more than $4.5 billion on Amazon Advertising, and spending is expected to increase. Advertisers have realized Amazon’s audience is not only massive but engaged, too. Brands have also found advertising campaigns to be one of the key drivers of organic growth on the platform. As a result, brands have more reason to invest in Amazon Advertising to compete. Continue reading to learn more about how Amazon Advertising impacts your e-commerce brand.

Build Trust with Shoppers 

According to The Drum, 82% of shoppers consider online reviews before buying a product. Brands should take advantage of this and leverage customer reviews within their advertisements.

To capitalize on this, brands can leverage Sponsored Product ads and include a star rating. These ads display within search results and are designed to blend in with organic listings. And, unlike other popular social advertisements, Amazon’s ads can include real reviews when using Amazon DSP. For example, Facebook ads require customer testimonials to be included as part of the ad text, so there is no way for consumers to feel confident they’re not fabricated. 

Tap Into an Engaged Audience 

Almost half of online shoppers in the United States begin their product searches on Amazon, according to eMarketer. This reinforces the large and ready-to-buy audience Amazon provides advertisers. By investing in Amazon Advertising, brands are not only building awareness but reaching a buyer at the best possible time. Because of this, conversion rates from Amazon Advertising are some of the highest

Increase Discoverability of Your E-commerce Brand 

When brands leverage Amazon Advertising they can make sure their brand is seen throughout the channel. And like we said, advertising on the platform is a major driver of organic growth due to the increase sales velocity that comes with the additional sales.

Educate Customers through Advertising and Product Detail Pages 

Advertising campaigns are most successful when directed to fully optimized product detail pages. Consider building a strong product image library with a variety of high-quality images. When writing descriptions, strategically include copy with keywords and valuable information.  

Then, when you’re ready to drive traffic to these listings, think about what you want to accomplish. Depending on which ad type is used, brands can communicate differently and make a greater impact on shoppers. For example, when using Amazon DSP, brands can include a custom image or review excerpt. These ads can provide shoppers with everything they need to know to make a purchase decision and influence them with user-generated content like reviews.

Amazon Advertising is an effective and worthwhile investment for e-commerce brands. Not only does it drive additional sales, but it improves discoverability, educates shoppers, and builds integrity. 

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e-commerce brand


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