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It wasn’t long ago Amazon opened its Australian marketplace. Now, Amazon Advertising has launched in Australia and has made it possible for brands to take advantage of this young market in a new way. Those who didn’t sell through Amazon Australia before may reconsider the possibilities advertising creates. Continue reading to learn what Amazon Advertising's Australia launch means for brands.

Amazon Advertising Launches in Australia

In April 2019, Amazon announced its expansion of Amazon Display Ads, Amazon Video Ads and Amazon DSP options to its marketplace. The release of advertising capabilities to is in its early stages but isn’t far behind its 2018 launch of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Prime.

Although it didn’t disrupt the Australian market during the first year, Amazon is on pace to make a significant impact within seven years. This is a unique opportunity for brands to run ads on the typical platforms and on apps not owned by Amazon within the 13th-largest economy in the world.

How Brands Sell on Amazon Australia

To begin listing products, brands must register and provide both business and personal information. An international credit card and phone number are also required to be approved.

Is it Worth it to Sell on Amazon Australia?

The chance to advertise and sell in a new market appeals to many brands, but it does come at a cost. Here we break down what it costs to sell on Amazon Australia.

Guaranteed Costs:

  • $49.95 per month (subscription fee)
  • Referral fees based category
  • Selling fees

Possible Costs:

  • $1 closing fee if products sell within a media category
  • Refund administration fees

It’s also worth mentioning successful products in the United States or Canada may not have the same popularity in Australia. Brands need to keep in mind selling within a new culture may take time and necessitate adjustments to existing product strategies.  

Amazon Advertising’s Australia launch is making it possible for brands on and off its platform to reach customers through its marketplace. Amazon is expanding its footprint and capabilities. But, there is a lot for brands to consider when deciding to experiment in a new region.

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