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policy adjustments

During the past week, many brands have noticed policy adjustments or leniencies put forth by Amazon. Most are likely related to the coronavirus and its effects on daily operations. Amazon also continues to hint toward Prime Day being delayed and when it could occur. Here, we go into more detail about this week’s developments and how it may affect brands.

Amazon Policy Adjustments 

Sellers that use prepaid return labels for either Prime or non-Prime items now have an extension to process returns or issue refunds. The usual two days allowed for processing returns will increase to two weeks during the month of May. Reimbursement windows have also grown from 60 to 90 days during this time. 

Meanwhile, long-term storage fees are top-of-mind for many sellers. Long-term storage fees scheduled to be levied May 15 will be waived due to fulfillment delays on Amazon’s side. Sellers can still create removal orders, but they will inevitably take longer. 

Prime Day Submissions Now Open 

Last week, MPS strategists were able to begin submitting deals for Prime Day. The original deadline of May 8 has been changed to June 5. This change is reassuring to brands that there will be a Prime Day in 2020. The new deadline supports the indications it will be held during August.

Assistance for Suppliers of Essential Products 

Third-party resellers that produce or sell essential products are being incentivized to supply them to Amazon. For a limited time, if a brand lists personal protective equipment inventory on Amazon, the platform will waive all standard referral fees. Interested sellers must fill out this form to apply. 

Staying up to date on how the e-commerce landscape is shifting throughout the coronavirus outbreak can be overwhelming. MPS is here to support you and available to answer any questions you may have during this unprecedented time.

policy adjustments


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