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As a young company, Marketplace Strategy has the unique privilege of being able to develop and fine-tune our mission and core values, to reflect who we are and what we stand for. It’s been an exciting undertaking that we’ve dove into headfirst, starting with a series of meetings during which we made it a priority to discuss what we value, both individually and as a team. We’ll save you the details, but after a few months, lots of discussion, back and forth and debate, we’re ready to share!

Launching these core values and our mission is extremely important not only to MPS internally, but also for how we represent ourselves with our clients. We’re excited to share not only our core values, but our company mission, which focuses on our customers and our culture as an organization. Check it out:

Our Mission: To partner with clients to transform their brands through online marketplaces, while creating a company that attracts, empowers and retains remarkable people.

Meanwhile, when it comes to creating core values, MPS wanted to develop a group of principles that supported our purpose, helped shape the culture of our company, and reflect what we, as an organization value.

Now that they are official, our core values can assist us in our decision making processes on a daily basis, and allow us to better educate clients and potential customers about exactly what we do and who we are.

We’re looking to the future, too. Our values can even help future MPS employees self-identify if what we value aligns with what they value.

These core values were a labor of love, but we are excited and invigorated by the results, and are thrilled to share them:

  1. Crush it for ClientsFocus on delivering great results
  2. Always be LearningWhen we stop learning, we die
  3. PMA All DayPositive Mental Attitude
  4. Focus on the Client ExperienceBuild the relationship
  5. Be a TeamLeverage collective minds with shared intent
  6. Create Something GreatBe proactive and seek opportunity

The next step is to begin incorporating these core values into our business each and every day. It’s not enough to just say, “Okay, here are our core values. Carry on, everyone!”

To help this process, our office is about to get a fun upgrade: a visual, creative representation of our values so all are aware of what we believe in, every day.

We’re also implementing a monthly core value award. Team members can nominate one another each month for reflecting one of our core values. Winners will be announced each month at our monthly full-team meeting.

We are excited about this major step forward in our business, but it is just the beginning. Our mission and core values will evolve over time, and the way in which we incorporate them into our everyday lives will change too. Change is natural and important.

Creating a mission and set of core values was challenging work. It took time, but it was well worth that investment. Being on the same page as individuals working together is important, and we are excited to release our mission and core values to the world.

We hope you love them just as much as we do!


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