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For more than a decade, subject matter experts at Code3 have come together to compile the knowledge and expertise you need to move your business forward. Each year, we release the final product, our  Platform Planning Guide. This year we're introducing a new and improved version: Code3's 2022-2023 Platform Planning Guide. The guide includes access to case studies, creative examples, strategic insight, and more spanning the most impactful platforms and specialties. We invite you to download this year’s copy for yourself and your colleagues.

10+ Platforms

As mentioned, the Platform Planning Guide includes a dedicated section for more than 10 platforms - each of which explains the specific platform’s advertising capabilities.  See a complete list of platforms below. 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Google 
  • Youtube
  • Amazon and Other Marketplaces 
  • Pinterest 
  • Snapchat 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 
  • TikTok

Creative Examples and Case Studies

Each platform has an associated case study or creative example to showcase that the information in this guide is proven. The studies cover background details, an overview of the clients' challenges, our strategy, and of course, results. Campaign creative is available to provide an idea of what brands can expect when they work with Code3.

Trends and Predictions

To help understand how to prioritize activating on various platforms, we list out trends and predictions for the upcoming year. This includes trends such as CPM rates, age trends, and more.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The final teaser we'll share in this blog post is that each section includes six frequently asked questions and answers. To make certain the information shared is valuable and relevant, we leveraged insight from real-life client conversations.

Download a Copy Today

We encourage you to download a copy of our 2022 Platform Planning Guide for yourself and your teams. When you do so, you will unlock a wealth of knowledge, considerations, and strategic tips. You will find strategic tips that can be applied immediately along as well as considerations for long-term plans.  If you have any questions specific to this post or your brand’s digital marketing presence, please get in touch.


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