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Since 2005, Amazon Prime members have enjoyed the benefit of two-day shipping. It took years for the competition to catch up. And now, Amazon has set the stage for a new normal with one-day shipping. Cutting this already-quick delivery time in half will require support and change throughout the business. In Jeff Bezos’ 2019 letter to shareholders, he shared Amazon’s people is one of its biggest contributors to success. So, how do Amazon’s employees and one-day shipping come together? Continue reading to learn how Amazon’s package delivery expansion leads to employee empowerment.

What is Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner Program? 

Amazon announced a new program in the summer of 2018 called Delivery Service Partners. It was designed to overcome last-mile delivery woes. The program was instantly popular and attracted tens of thousands of applicants. 

Partners operate as contractors and business owners. They also wear branded uniforms and drive vans with the Amazon logo. Amazon helps these partners with low start-up costs and assistance to lease and insure their vehicles. 

To be accepted, applicants must be able to lead and have the potential to build out a team of additional delivery drivers. The Delivery Service Partner Program is described by Amazon as an opportunity for people to grow their own package delivery business under Amazon’s domain. 

Why Did Amazon Expand its Delivery Service Partner Program to Employees?

The first advantage Amazon cites for this program is how inexpensive it is to get started. Amazon expanded the program to its employees on the condition they quit their current Amazon role. Employees who decide to take Amazon up on this offer will receive $10,000 to get started and three months salary. They will also be guaranteed business from Amazon’s stream of demand, giving them the potential to make a great living. 

Amazon is known for supporting its employees in their career goals, and many have expressed interest in joining the program. The marketplace giant expanded this program to empower them and support small businesses

In addition, this strategic decision will help Amazon sustain its promise of one-day shipping and protect employees at risk of losing jobs due to increased automation. With this, Amazon also will be more likely to reach its goal of becoming less reliant on third-party courier companies.

Amazon’s package delivery expansion proves its commitment to employees and small businesses. It also confirms the company is always thinking ahead and prepared for what the future could bring its business. We look forward to learning what this expansion will do for the future of Amazon, its employees, and small businesses. 


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