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Thank you for visiting the Marketplace Strategy blog. The following information is relatively out of date. Please check out some of our more recent posts for valuable information about Amazon and other marketplaces.

Working in Amazon Seller Central every day can be exhausting.

There are constantly issues that require additional support from the Amazon team, from technical errors to edits only Amazon employees have access to make. And if you’re not able to get in touch with the correct person? The issue, which should be an easy fix, only becomes more complicated frustrating.

But we’ve found a team that is extremely knowledgeable, fixes problems the first time, communicates with us flawlessly: Hello, Amazon’s Captive Team!

The Captive Team is a group of U.S.-based (North Dakota, to be exact) support strategists, trained to help handle the toughest problems Seller Central account owners might run into. Many of their team members have been in support roles with Amazon for several years, so they really understand the internal platform well.

They also have access to tools that other Seller Central support teams don’t. So that matching error you keep running into? They are the only ones that can split it up (a process called “cleaving.”) They know how to ask the right questions and, from our experiences, genuinely want to help you.

So next time you run into a significant issue with Seller Central, and can’t get the correct support member on the line to help you, ask to be connected with the Captive Team. The Captive Team is just a few phone calls away and your problem will be solved sooner rather than later!



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