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We live in a world driven and motivated by machine learning and automating processes. Because of this, every industry is challenged to take efficiency to another level. Amazon feels this too, but we’re here to explain why your brand can’t rely too heavily on tech to execute. Amazon and technology go hand-in-hand, but they only succeed with the support of a powerful strategic partner. Learn why it's important to work with a team of experts who are full-time and hands-on.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Technology Basket

When we work with our clients, we leverage an array of technologies, including our proprietary software, MPS Insights. Particularly for Amazon Advertising management, our team of experts hasn't yet found a ‘full-suite’ solution that can reliably produce better results than technology combined with proactive management, driven by human expertise. There isn't an independent platform that drives more growth than an arsenal of tools plus a human touch.

Human Expertise is Invaluable

Technology can’t understand your brand’s pain-points, budget, or goals like a human. Sure, tech can help save time, adhere to a budget, and help track progress toward your goals. Achieve optimal results when using technology and a team that understands your brands and products on a personal level.

“The potential value of a magic wand that will manage your advertising efforts flawlessly without human intervention is undeniable,” Jeff Walcoff, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at MPS, said, “But time and time again we’re seeing brands come to us whose advertising results have suffered as a result of relying too heavily on imperfect automated platforms.”

Amazon Isn’t Ready For a Tech Takeover

Jeff Bezos said it himself in his annual letter to shareholders. Amazon plans to focus more energy on machine learning and automation. But, he explained that there is a way to go to evolve Amazon and technology together.

The benefits of technology for managing Amazon strategy are endless and continue to evolve. But, the technology is more powerful when supplemented by experts. Learn how your brand can maximize sales and market share on Amazon and schedule your free consultation.


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