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With Amazon’s product library and breadth of services already massive and expanding by the day, we’re starting to see more items offered that many of us may have never thought would be available for purchase online. But nonetheless, Amazon always manages to surprise us. Continue reading for five products you won't believe you can buy on Amazon.

1) Ice Cream

Thanks to Amazon Prime Now & AmazonFresh (along with new packaging capabilities), a pint of Cherry Garcia can now be delivered right to your doorstep in mere hours. While the refrigerated and frozen food categories are still in their infancy on Amazon, as more customers realize the convenience and affordability of Prime Now and Fresh, they are bound to grow exponentially.

2) A Maid 

Amazon Home & Business Services is a little-known but fast-growing corner of the channel, where consumers can find someone to clean their home, remove viruses and spyware from their laptop, install a set of tires, and much more.

A significant purpose of this feature is for Amazon to provide services necessary for it to compete with brick-and-mortar retail (furniture assembly, appliance installation, TV mounting, etc.), but others – such as plumbing and landscaping services – are simply more ways Amazon is creating new and unique shopping experiences online.

3) A Tutor 

Amazon Memberships & Subscriptions offers thousands of products ranging from magazine and newspaper subscriptions to video workout programs, so yes, even education. The Education & Learning category offers video courses for SAT and ACT prep, children’s literacy, foreign languages, Microsoft Office, life coaching, and countless others.

Meanwhile, Amazon TenMarks is an especially interesting platform that provides, “comprehensive, web-based math curriculum resources built from the ground up to align with Common Core and state standards,” for the K-12 levels.

4) Cars 

Okay, well you can’t actually buy a car on Amazon, but the stage is set. Launched in August, Amazon Vehicles is “a car research destination and automotive community.”

There, consumers can search vehicle models by a wide array of options, and view full specifications, along with images, videos, and customer reviews.

Perhaps most importantly for the short-term, it also serves as a linked portal to aftermarket parts available throughout the Amazon marketplace, making compatible parts easy to find and purchase. This represents Amazon’s clear targeting of eBay’s big presence in the category.

How Amazon will use this feature moving forward is not yet fully clear, but it’s reasonable to assume one day in the not-too-distant future a customer may be able to buy a car with a click.

5) Baby Chicks

Well, not exactly. But pretty close. Believe it or not, consumers can have eggs delivered right to their home through Amazon – but not the kind you’d use to make an omelet. In this case, we’re talking actual, live eggs that will bear live chicks within days or weeks.

It’s certainly not an especially popular service on Amazon, but there are sellers offering it and many have positive reviews.

Amazon has a well-defined policy for sales of animals and animal product. It specifically permits, “Live shellfish and crustaceans,” and “Live plants, insects and worms used for agricultural purposes, bait, or pet food,” while specifically prohibiting, “Most live creatures, such as pets, livestock, or marine mammals.”

However, nothing in the policy mentions live eggs. So, for now, a dozen chicks hatching in your living room is something you can buy on Amazon.


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