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When Amazon went public in 1997, its main focus was the United States market. But, throughout the years with its astronomical growth and success, demand for its services has grown worldwide. In this blog post, we highlight five of the most recent headlines claimed by Amazon's international efforts.

Amazon's international efforts

1. Virgin Media’s Integration with Amazon Prime Video

Virgin Media is a major cable provider in the
United Kingdom, and it recently added the Amazon Prime Video app to its
service. This partnership makes the Amazon Prime Video
app available to about 4 million viewers.

Amazon Climbs to the Top in the U.K. as the Most Preferred Brand

Before Amazon’s partnership with Virgin Media,
it made its presence known (and appreciated) in the U.K. According to the 2019 Consumer Relevancy Index, Amazon tops the
list. Not only is the Amazon U.K. audience an engaged group, but it has a reach
beyond the U.K., too.

3. An
End to Amazon’s Marketplace in China

Recently, Amazon announced its decision to pull out of the Chinese marketplace. However,
Amazon isn’t closing the door on China completely. It will continue to run cross-border
operations; meaning, Amazon will focus on providing Chinese shoppers products
from its global store rather than from local 3P sellers.

Amazon and French Food Brand Take Partnership to New Level

Amazon has enhanced its existing relationship
with Casino, a French food retailer. As a result of this partnership’s upgrade,
Amazon will install pick-up lockers in Casino locations, and more Casino
products will be available on Amazon. This strategic decision will help Amazon
establish a stronger presence in France’s grocery market. Amazon leads in
e-commerce for France, but its presence in one of Europe’s largest country’s
grocery segment is in its early stages.

Amazon Retail India Expands

Amazon has a food retailing subsidiary in India prominently active in more than 100 cities. In the next year, Amazon Retail India will add 60 more cities to the list. This expansion will lead to the creation of local food delivery programs and warehouses.

Each path and international market Amazon immerses itself into will evolve and lead to having a global impact down the line. The team at Marketplace Strategy looks forward to seeing where Amazon's international efforts take the e-commerce giant next!


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