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DSP is an important part of fueling a strong Amazon search advertising strategy, as many consumers begin their online search for products on Amazon. According to JungleScout, 74% of US consumers begin their shopping search on Amazon. Successful DSP campaigns can drive awareness, retarget those in the consideration phase, and ultimately lead to increased purchases. But measuring the success of Amazon DSP is more nuanced than a typical Amazon Advertising campaign. Read on for more information on how Amazon DSP’s audience reports are used, and why they matter. 

Amazon DSP Reporting: Audience Segmentation Report 

Only available when DSP campaigns deliver impressions, the Audience Segmentation Report can be utilized to show the performance of each audience you’re targeting. The report often answers questions about how audiences directly and not directly targeted are performing. 

The metrics available through the Amazon DSP reporting include: 

  • Spend
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Branded Searches
  • Product Detail Page Views
  • Add to Carts
  • Purchases 

After analyzing the data, brands can use it to better optimize ideal audiences, excluding audiences, or targeting them further. For example, if an audience requires more spend but doesn’t have significant clicks or impressions, you can exclude them in future campaigns.  

Amazon DSP Reporting: Audience Overlap Report 

Available to be run anytime, even when campaigns aren’t delivering results, the Audience Overlap Report (part of the Audience Segmentation report) can be used to understand the relationships between a brand’s target audience and other audiences on Amazon. It provides an audience size and affinity index (or efficiency indicator) for audiences not currently being targeted, and can be useful for determining complementary audiences to target. 

For example, if you’re looking to gain share from a competitor, targeting an audience that views their products can be productive, but may be costly. Using the overlap report is a helpful workaround, and can provide insight into other ancillary audiences that are likely to purchase a competitor’s product. Utilizing these audiences as a target is an efficient and cost-effective way to gain share. 

Why Do Audience Reports Matter? 

When running DSP campaigns, the audience matters tremendously, and Amazon DSP audience reports are a valuable tool to make informed decisions on targeting strategies. These reports offer data that allows you to gain competitors' share without overspending or going head-to-head as well as expand reach through complementary traffic. 

Unsure how to approach your DSP campaigns? Our commerce strategists are seasoned professionals and are experts in navigating DSP reports and more to drive meaningful results for our clients. If you could use a strategic partner for extra support, contact us today


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