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The social media experts at Pinterest have spoken, and they’re predicting what we’ll see in 2022. In its eighth year, Pinterest Predicts releases a roundup of 175+ key trends they believe will rise this year. It is not meant to be “another year-end trend report, but rather a not-yet-trending report a window into the future, from the place where people go to plan it.” It’s a prediction as to what will be trending across various categories from home, to fashion, to parenting. 

For brands, it’s worth paying attention to: the experts at Pinterest have a proven track record. In 2021, 80 percent of the predictions made in Pinterest Predicts were proven to be true. Their accuracy stems from the ability to analyze search inquiries from more than 400 million worldwide monthly users.

Additionally, Hootsuite found that “97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded.” This indicates most searches have no mention of a specific business name or brand. Pinners are open, now more than ever, to discovering new ideas and trends - regardless of who, or what brand, they come from. Brands should take note of the predicted trends and lean into them for their social media strategy and content calendar in 2022. 

Top Trends in 2022

What can we expect from trends this year? 2022 is here to break the mold. According to Pinterest, “this year, it’s not just kids having all the fun. Boomers are finding their inner child. Millennials are baking divorce cakes. And Gen Z? They’re seeking out so much more than an aesthetic.” 

Below, find a few notable examples of the trend predictions for 2022, and tips on how brands can implement these trends into their own strategy: 

“Curve Appeal” - Design inspiration will be found in curves, specifically rounded home decor. Items like cozy curved couches and functional kitchen islands are the pieces that will be invested in. Implement your own “curve appeal” and feature these welcoming and comfortable pieces in your brand’s latest product or social media imagery.

“Puff Love” - Natural hair texture will be embraced and celebrated. Hair styling will include edgy techniques like space buns and high-puff looks. Celebrate “puff love” and use language within ad copy to promote easy, at home looks and big hair styling techniques.

“Dopamine Dressing” - Nude colored wardrobe pieces will shift to vibrant outfits and colorful palettes. 2022 fashion will be dedicated to animated looks worn by most. Showcase “dopamine dressing” with a combination of ad types that display the intense hues in clothing and accessories.

What Does This Mean For Your Brand?

Being aware of upcoming trends that affect your brand, audience, and industry is critical in our rapidly shifting digital age. Leveraging each trend allows your company to stay competitive and relevant.

To reach your target audience, you truly need to know them. Not only is this report filtered by category, but the bold predictions are also segmented into different demographics. Brands are able to view trends specific to the different age groups that are important to them, including Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. This tailored information presents the opportunity to become familiar with your audience sooner rather than later, and fine tune messaging and strategy to them.

Each prediction is paired with corresponding trending search terms and their level of increasing popularity. These search terms are based on global search data with an analysis period ranging from Oct. 2019-Sep. 2021. Utilizing these strategic keywords in your brand’s copy could be critical to enhancing your search engine performance and attracting your specific target audience. For example, the theme “all checkered everything” is driven particularly by millenials and boomers as Pinterest believes these audiences will be integrating the tiled pattern into all areas of life. Trending search terms include “checkerboard pattern” (160 percent global increase) and “checkerboard nails” (165 percent global increase). 

The social media platform also includes suggestions for bringing the trend to life. For tech brands, they advise offering digital phone backgrounds and phone cases with checkered patterns, and home or textiles brands, they suggest using carousel ads to promote checkered designs in blankets, rugs, or beddings. 

The predictions made in this report can assist your brand’s 2022 Pinterest Ads strategy. 

As you consider the needs of your target audience, keep in mind that each demographic’s interests are constantly evolving. Pinterest Predicts is dedicated to honing in on the most relevant trending topics and what they mean for you. 

Use the report wisely to adjust your strategy, and you’ll stay ahead of the trend's curve. If you could use a strategic partner to bring your social media ads to the next level, contact us today.


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