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Welcome to Code3's trend report! Our experts collect the top trends on each platform and share them with you here and on our socials. Social media moves fast, and we hope our trendspotters can help you identify trends and take advantage of them.

Our trend report also serves as an archive, so you can see how things have changed and search for old trends that might be relevant to your content. Empowering each other through knowledge is a core part of our life at Code3 and we're excited to share our insights. 



  • I'm Me Again (Example) (Original Audio) Time for a wholesome trend. This audio from the show, Adventure Land, is perfect for users describing moments where they feel like their true selves again.
  • Dancing (CapCut) (Example) (Original Audio) New CapCut alert! Celebrate anything with this template that features someone dancing and pair it with simple text overlay.
  • Going to Utopia (Example) (Original Audio) Ready to show off the best eats? Users are tapping into this audio about certain meals, specifically from chain restaurants, and why they’re perfect to them.


  • These Days (Example) (Original Audio) This trend is all about celebrating your recent wins — whether it's personal growth, leveling up your skincare routine, or focusing on a side hustle. 
  • Mind Blown (Example) (Original Audio) What's got your mind blown? Use this trending audio to share a recent aha moment, drop some pro tips, or spill industry secrets.



  • Photos of Your Food (Example) (Original Audio) Time for some phone eats! This audio has users posting a video to the sound with a photo carousel showcasing your favorite photos of food you’ve taken.
  • Getting Into Bed (Example) (Original Audio) This CapCut template of Gwyneth Paltrow is well representative of the skincare & wellness industry, as users are sharing times when they’re just ready to hop into bed.
  • Oh My God (Example) (Original Audio) This popular audio is being used to explain when something has shocked someone, leaving them just to keep repeating, “Oh my God.”


  • She Is the Moment (Example) (Original Audio) This popular sound bite from Wendy Williams has made its way to IG Reels, as users are showing off something that is iconic.
  • I'm In Love (Example) (Original Audio) Rihanna knows best. Use this sound to show off something you’re obsessed with and just can’t get enough of.
  • Let's Go! (Example) (Original Audio) Ready to get hyped? Use this trending audio to share something you’re so excited about and want to let others know about as soon as possible.



  • For Internal Wounds (Example) (Original Audio) Show off what heals you with this trend. Users are creating a photo slide and showing pictures of band aids with overlay saying, “for external wounds” and then showing a photo of something that mentally heals them with text, “for internal wounds”
  • Pedro Pascal CapCut (Example) (Original Audio) (Green Screen Video) If there is one thing TikTok loves, its CapCut trends, and especially ones involving Pedro Pascal. Use this template to speak up about something that’s been on your mind recently.


  • Perfection (Example) (Original Audio) Let your followers know how perfect something is on all sides! This audio is great for showing off new products, a new look, or a beautiful view.
  • What Is It That You Really Like To Do? (Example) (Original Audio) This audio comes from the movie, “Julia & Julia” and users are loving the idea of pairing their own videos with the sound and sharing how much they love a good meal.
  • I Don't Think You Know This (Example) (Original Audio) Do your followers need a reminder about something? Use this audio to let them know something new that they didn’t know before!



  • I’m Only Human  (Example) (Original Audio) This CapCut trend has users telling stories of experiences where they just couldn’t help doing something.

  • Bonita  (Example) (Original Audio) This sound bite has gained major popularity on the platform as users are showing things that make them feel bonita!

  • 2023 Me vs What I Used to Think  (Example) (Original Audio) Users are pairing this sound with a video of themself talking about something they are telling an old version of themselves that would be surprising.

  • Trending filter called “Bold Glamour”  (Example) Over the weekend, the "Bold Glamour" filter became a sensation on TikTok, with over 9.5 million videos using it, and the hashtag #boldglamour accumulating 214 million views. The hashtag #boldglamourfilterlooksweird has also gained traction with 53,000 views. The one-of-a-kind filter has a male and female version and does not glitch when the user moves quickly, setting it apart from other beauty filters available.


  • It’s A Wrap  (Example) (Original Audio) This Mariah Carey song has taken Instagram by storm as users are posting a video to this audio with a text overlay describing a big deal breaker.



  • Did I? * CapCut Template (Example) (Original Audio) This CapCut template has users expressing things they said they were going to do but never stuck to their word.
  • At The Function * CapCut Template (Example) (Original Audio)This template has users showing something they would drop whatever they’re doing and go to a party if “X” is going to be there.


  • Oh Mickey (Example) (Original Audio) People have been utilizing this trend for its cool transitions, using it to show a change of outfits or before and after makeup.

  • O.M. Gosh (Example) (Original Audio) Artists and food creators of all kinds have been using this short and sweet sound over videos of things that look beautiful/delicious/amazing.

  • This is what I get to do for a living… (Example) (Original Audio) Content creators are using this sound to show off a cool behind-the-scenes look at something they do for their job. From skydiving to fashion shows to insane hairdos, this sound is highlighting the best parts of their jobs.




  • Since Lunch (Example)(Original Audio) Use this trending audio from The Office to convince your audience that you’re not going to give up on your dreams — rooted in reality or not.  
  • I’m Pretty  (Example)(Original Audio) This trending audio is used to show off some killer looks, delicious looking plates of food or show off a fun makeup look.
  • Rule #1 (Example)(Original Audio) This trend is growing on TikTok as users are admitting to things they may or may not carelessly spend their money on once they get paid.
  • I’m The Talent (Example) (Original Audio) This funny audio clip from the movie “Just Friends” has users sharing moments where they can’t or shouldn’t do something for themselves.


  • Screenshot For A… (Example) (Original Audio) Having users screenshot reels has always been a fun and engaging trend to encourage your followers to participate with your content. Recently, we have seen brands prompting their followers to screenshot as a daily habit. 
  • Sped-Up Routine (Example) (Original Audio) This sped-up audio went viral as users show themselves quickly getting ready for the day with text overlay about their morning routines. 



  • Got To See Her  (Example) (Original Audio) For this trend, users are posting a video lip-syncing to this sound along with a text overlay that says “I found someone who has more [insert characteristic about yourself] than you."
  • Wrap Around (Example) (Original Audio) This original audio from the hit Canadian show The Trailer Park Boys has users showing ways they do a quick “wrap around” with their favorite drinks.
  •  Proof Not Everything Can Be an Album Cover  (Example) (Original Audio) Users are posting a video to this sound using the CapCut template from the example, showing funny photos that make bad album covers, with a text overlay saying “proof not everything can be an album cover."
  •  Me To My Mirror (Example) (Original Audio) Users are pairing this audio with text overlay to review a product and give it a 10/10 rating for making them look better.


  • Early Spring (Example) (Original Audio) After groundhog day, we have seen a rise in users manifesting an early spring while posting their favorite clips that represent the season.
  • Isn’t It Perfect? (Example) (Original Audio) People are using this soundbite from The Kardashians to show off something they think is perfect. 



  • Me One Day (Green Screen Template) (Example) (Original Audio). Users have been posting videos with this sound and using the CapCut template, showing a quick and abrupt change that you made in your life at a certain point in time.
  • Reasons (Example) (Original Audio). This trend is sort of a trick. Uers post a video of something either really cute or desirable and add the text overlay ‘reasons why you should never XYZ’ with the answer actually being that there are no reasons, and you definitely should. 
  • Sandals (Example) (Original Audio). This simple audio of someone shuffling away is a great way to express excitement or being over something, depending ob how you use it. 
  • Caught (Example) (Original Audio). CapCut templates have been more popular on the app as users are using this template to show what they’re looking at online. 

Instagram and Twitter

  • Very Good Year (Example) (Original Audio). This remixed clip of a popular Michael Scott phrase has been taking over Instagram reels as users are showing how great their 2023 is going to be. 

Keep an eye out for our next trend report and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok for the latest updates, or contact us to talk about how we can help. 



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