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Prime Day dates are here! Prime Day 2022 is officially returning on July 12 and 13 and now is the time to explore a few unique and effective ways to leverage traffic and drive to your Amazon Brand Store. The highly anticipated day of deals leaves no shortage of massive discounts and fierce competition, which is why it is crucial to make the most of your online presence. Implementing helpful marketing strategies such as Amazon Sponsored Display Ads, Amazon Posts, and Manage Your Customer Engagement can increase brand awareness, set your brand up for success, and result in a profitable Prime Day.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Now that the Prime Day dates have been announced, With Prime Day comes a sea of ads that consumers will sift through to find the perfect product. Choosing one that extends beyond the realms of Amazon can make all the difference. Sponsored Display Ads, often considered underrated, serve as a powerful advertising tool if utilized correctly. They are present across Amazon search results, product detail pages, and third-party websites and apps. Sellers have the ability to target potential customers who recently viewed their products, viewed something similar, or who may be interested in their brand based on previous purchases. The link found within the ad directs back to the corresponding Amazon listing.

For truly differentiated results, extending your digital reach to third-party websites can double impressions and greatly increase the number of clicks. According to Jungle Scout, even with this advantage, Sponsored Display is not the most utilized type of ad. Although it was launched in 2019, only 25% of third-party sellers have taken advantage of this tool. For sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, this is a simple yet effective way to capitalize on increased traffic surrounding Prime Day and reach an even larger audience.

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We recommend using display ads to re-engage high-intent shoppers to ensure your brand stays top of mind and present the useful info shoppers need to make the decision.

Amazon Posts

By integrating creative imagery and a witty caption, a successful Amazon Post is born. Amazon Posts are a free and effective way to promote your brand and products while infusing personality into your brand’s feed. Conceptually, they are similar to Instagram posts, offering a brief snapshot, but Amazon shares shoppable, brand-focused content with links to product pages and Storefronts. Customers are becoming increasingly influenced by compelling social content. According to recent data from Sprout Social, 68% of consumers have purchased an item directly from a social media platform while 98% of consumers are planning to purchase through social shopping or influencer commerce this year. With significant consumer growth on the horizon and the largest online retail holiday approaching, now is the time to incorporate Posts into your brand strategy.

Posts are available to sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies. According to the Prime Day platform, Amazon systems will automatically place Posts in feeds and on detail pages based on relevance and customer engagement. Additionally, they will appear as a sub-page in a Brand Store. With Amazon’s algorithm, posts also have the ability to make their way to competitors’ listings (Related Posts). With the right optimized content, this feature is a worthwhile opportunity to snag customers from your competition and increase brand awareness. Amazon also notes that brands active with Posts have 325% more followers on average than brands who aren’t. For an even greater advantage, pair these Posts with pay-per-click campaigns to increase your brand’s traffic and sales.

Manage Your Customer Engagement

Another great way to drive traffic to your Store is through additional engagement activities, such as email marketing. In previous years, Amazon did not allow extended marketing communications. All conversations were in the platform itself and focused around customer service-based questions and answers. Now, with marketing at its core, Amazon has introduced Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE).

MYCE is essentially free email marketing communication powered by Amazon. It allows you to engage directly with your Amazon customers, breaking away from the traditional restrictive guidelines. It currently permits new product announcements, product spotlight/featured products, holiday gift guides, and promotional details of featured products.

Because this budget-friendly email communication comes directly from Amazon, star power gives it a leg up over the mass of competing external emails. It allows for a second sales touch that simultaneously builds rapport with your customers and increases brand awareness, making it the perfect promotional tool for Prime Day. It is important to note that MYCE is only available to registered brands whose Amazon Store pages have Brand Followers. An easy way to gain Amazon Store Brand Followers is by implementing Amazon Posts, the marketing feature discussed above.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads, Posts, and MYCE are effective tools that can better equip your brand to succeed this Prime Day. Now that Prime Day dates are official, it's time to get ready. If you are in need of a strategic partner to help you continue preparation for Prime Day and beyond, contact us today, and be sure to check out some of our other content:

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