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Nothing feels quite as festive as walking around a (hopefully) snow-blanketed town with a holiday cup in hand, filled with some kind of elaborate beverage that took you several minutes to order. Even if you don’t have the snow, a holiday drink in a cozy holiday cup often kicks off the season for many of us. 

As marketers, we know the time and effort that goes into creating holiday cups and the unique drinks that fill them. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite holiday cups this year to call out these great designs and help spread some cheer. 

We also know that many of you might have strong opinions about your favorite holiday cup, drink, or place to get coffee. This is not a definitive list of ALL coffee outlets or holiday cups. But by all means, please tweet us, email us, dm us, send us a video, etc. to share your opinions. 

Check out our 2022 holiday cup ranking below.*

The Holiday Cup Rankings

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: our top holiday cups of 2022, ranked from least favorite to most loved (though, really, we love them all). 

Dunkin Donuts 

Dunkin’ has been serving some quality original drinks lately. Their holiday cup is cute but sort of… plain? Props on the donut-posing-as-a-snowman, though. 



It’s possible that many of you read the word above and thought to yourself “what’s that?”

Wawa is a local convenience chain that originated in Pennsylvania in 1964. Wawa operates stores in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Most of the time, people who grew up with Wawa are obsessed with it and will be deeply offended if you haven’t yet tried it. Wawa’s holiday cup is bright and simple, and its extensive menu and coffee options make it even more of a treat. 


Peet’s Coffee

Quite possibly your favorite coffee if you love competition, the Peet’s cup is cute, cheery, and serene. It has some lovely forest vibes. Seriously, you can practically smell the pine trees. 

peets 2022 holiday cup


Don’t sleep on 7-Eleven! The convenience chain has cute holiday cups that feature green holly leaves. Green seems to be a less common choice for holiday cups, so 7-Eleven gets second place for being bold and highlighting winter plants other than mistletoe. 



The GOAT of holiday cups, Starbucks has been in the game since 1997. This top cup spot comes as no surprise, since Starbucks has 4 cup designs this year, each as warm and inviting as the next. There’s even a green cup! 


Honorable Mention: Local Coffee Shops

There are so, so many incredible local coffee shops where you can grab all the festive drinks your heart desires. And some of them have holiday cups, too! While we couldn’t go around to every city and find all the best cups at local businesses, we wanted to remind you to support your local coffee houses and small businesses this holiday season. At Code3, SMBs are incredibly important to us. We love supporting them and reminding others to do the same. 

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*All photos are sourced from company Instagram accounts. 


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