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Amazon Subscribe & Save program has long been a popular feature, allowing customers to schedule recurring orders of products and save on automatic deliveries. The subscription model gives customers options to save a percentage of the cost and determine how frequently they’d like to receive shipments. According to Jungle Scout, 35% of all U.S. consumers have purchased products using the feature, and another 36% of consumers would consider subscribing to a product in the future.   

Subscribe & Save customers have always been valuable to a brand, but determining the exact number of active subscriptions and revenue was difficult and time-consuming. However, recently, with the launch of a new Vendor Central Subscribe & Save Dashboard, vendors can now quickly and easily get visibility into the true value of subscribers. 

Now that brands have more useful data on purchases from Subscribe & Save customers, it’s an area to focus on and grow in 2022. The feature is a useful way to retain customers and increase recurring revenue. Here are four ways to increase Subscribe & Save customers. 

Review Subscribe & Save Catalog Coverage 

The Vendor Central Subscribe & Save Dashboard can also help brands to audit their Subscribe & Save coverage. First, the downloaded report can be used to identify underperforming ASINs that could use some extra attention. 

Brands can also compare the list of currently running Subscribe & Save ASINs to their entire catalog, making note of coverage gaps. There may be ASINs in the catalog not currently running Subscribe & Save that could benefit from the feature.  Once it’s been determined which products should have Subscribe & Save coverage, take the necessary steps in either Vendor or Seller Central to enroll them in the service. 

Sponsored Display Advertising 

One way to increase recurring purchases through Subscribe & Save is to lean on the purchase remarketing audience through Sponsored Display. Brands are able to serve ads to consumers who have purchased the advertised items within a custom lookback window. Advertisers can customize their window to be as long as 365 days or as short as 7 days. 

This type of remarketing tactic allows advertisers to leverage consumers within the loyalty phase of their journey, where they are most apt to join Subscribe & Save. 

DSP Retargeting

To increase Subscribe & Save customers through DSP, Code3 Programmatic Strategists use retargeting tactics. “We retarget shoppers that have previously purchased our products with a creative that highlights the Subscribe & Save deal,” says Emma Rickus, Programmatic Media Strategist. “We can use the ‘Shop Now’ variation of Dynamic eCommerce (DEA) and Responsive eCommerce Creatives (REC), which shows the discount within the ad units, and very clearly communicates the deal.” 

There are also further audience refinements available, such as a custom segment from Amazon to exclude already subscribed shoppers and a segment of shoppers who are more likely to subscribe. 

Another option is to use static creatives highlighting the Subscribe & Save. However, static ads must drive to a custom page and cannot drive to the PDP. For this reason, Code3 Programmatic Strategists find REC/DEA retargeting to be more effective. 

Subscribe & Save Product Imagery, A+ Pages and Brand Stores

While not as common of a tactic, there is opportunity to increase Subscribe & Save customers and program awareness through product imagery, A+ Pages, and the Brand Store. Any type of creative that alerts consumers to the availability of savings through the program can be effective, although, due to Amazon restrictions, it can sometimes be a difficult process. Code3 Creative Strategists recommend keeping a close eye on any ASINs with Subscribe & Save product imagery and A+ in case of any suppression. 

Another option through creative measures is to utilize a product grid within your brand’s Amazon Store. This will automatically highlight Subscribe & Save availability on applicable products with an icon. 

With 36% of consumers that would consider subscribing to a product, Subscribe & Save can be extremely valuable to a brand. Shifting search and DSP strategy can increase a brand’s subscribers and add recurring revenue. If you could use a partner to help grow your customer base for Subscribe & Save and on other marketplaces, contact us today


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