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Are you using Promoted Pins to get in front of your Pinterest audience? If not, you could be missing out on a prime opportunity to grow your social presence. Pinterest has more than 459 million monthly active users. And with 95% of the top Pinterest searches being unbranded, it’s clear that users are open to discovering new products and brands. 

If you want to get more visibility, Promoted Pins are a direct path to a larger audience. Here’s what we know about Pinterest advertising success.

What Are Promoted Pins?

Promoted Pins are the nuts and bolts of Pinterest advertising. They look like regular pins, except they’re paid for and placed by brands rather than individual users.

There are several different types of Promoted Pins listed below:

Static Ads

These are single images that users can click through to learn more about your product or service.

Video Ads

Video ads take up the user’s entire mobile device screen. Videos usually range from 4 to 15 seconds. 

Shopping Ads

These ads can be either an image or video that allows users to shop for and purchase items without leaving Pinterest.

App Install Ads

This type of ad is reserved for brands promoting their app and it allows the user to download the app without leaving Pinterest.

Carousel Ads

Similar to what you can find on Instagram, carousel ads are formatted as multiple images combined in a single ad that users can swipe through. These usually contain anywhere from 2 to 5 images.

Collections Ads

These image-rich ads feature one main image with three smaller images below it. 

Advantages of Promoted Pins

Similar to other forms of social media advertising, Promoted Pins help you get your pins in front of more people. When you expand your reach, you can achieve several positive outcomes:

Increase Conversions

Compared to other social media channels, Pinterest users have higher engagement and purchase intent. Promoted Pins help you capitalize on an audience that is actively searching to buy.

Drive Website Traffic

One study found that a single pin could drive two website visits and six page views, along with 10+ re-pins. Visually compelling content captures attention and encourages users to click through to learn more. 

Grow Your Audience

When someone likes what you’re pinning, they may be more inclined to follow you for more “Pinspiration.” More new followers mean more ways to reach your audience organically.

What to Know About Using Pinterest Advertising

The potential of Pinterest tells a compelling story. But one thing advertisers should consider before jumping into a Pinterest advertising strategy is whether it’s right for their audience. Compare your audience to Pinterest’s core demographics:

  • 71% of Pinterest users are female.
  • 69% of users are aged 18-49
  • 80% of U.S. moms who use the internet also use Pinterest
  • 144.5 million Pinterest users can be reached with ads
  • 34% of Pinterest users have an income of $50,000-$74,999

We’ve also found a few helpful insights for our clients through our experience with Pinterest advertising regardless of their target audience.

Pinterest-driven conversions are up in various categories, including CPG household and tech. This includes:

  • 115% increase in checkouts for decorative tapestries
  • 70% increase in “fireplace remodel tile”
  • 30% increase in checkouts for multimedia projectors
  • 85% increase in checkouts for false nails
  • 15% increase in checkouts for yoga & pilates mats

If hosting were a professional sport, Pinners would be pro players. From remodeling the kitchen (18x increase in “redo kitchen”) to building a new bar cabinet (2.5x increase in “built-in bar cabinet”), Pinners are customizing their homes to be entertainment-ready. The sun is coming out, and Pinners are ready to light up their homes by optimizing their natural light sources (55x increase in “window shades ideas living room”) and creating sunny vibes inside (54x increase in “living room light fixtures”).

Something else we’ve prepared our clients for is the impact iOS 14 may have on Pinterest advertising. In the latest version of its iOS mobile app, Pinterest stopped collecting IDFAs and expects this to have a limited impact on advertising on the platform.

Now that the iOS 14 update has been released, brands should monitor campaign performance by device type (iPhone/iPad) and by objective type. This way, brands can identify whether any campaign optimizations are needed, as the impact of iOS 14 may differ depending on the type of campaign you’re running. Again, for most advertisers, Pinterest anticipates a limited impact on performance.

Bottom Line: Is Pinterest Advertising Right for You?

Promoted Pins could benefit your overall digital marketing efforts. To integrate Pinterest advertising into your strategy, it’s beneficial to work with a company that specializes in cross-channel solutions. 

At Code3, we support brands of all sizes on any channel. Reach out to discover how we can set up your Promoted Pins for success.

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