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Some of the most important imagery and content on an Amazon PDP is found not in the image carousel or bullet points, but below the fold. It’s the Amazon A+ content, which provides an opportunity to educate customers through visual storytelling. According to Amazon, brands with Basic A+ content see an average of 5.6% sales list, and brands with Premium A+ content see an average sales lift of 20.2%. Available for both vendors and sellers, A+ content is a critical part of any Amazon strategy. 

It’s important to note Basic A+ content is available to all, but Premium A+ content is currently only available to Amazon’s most strategic selling partners. The pricing of the annual subscription must be negotiated by an Amazon Vendor Manager or Brand Specialist. 

A+ Content Best Practices 

The compelling statistics for sales lift is reason enough to implement an A+ page, and there are many other reasons as well, including:  

  • Potential to increase conversions and traffic 
  • A more robust and visual way to tell a brand or product story
  • Education on product value, features, and benefits
  • Comparison chart to cross-sell products, which helps with consumer evaluation and introduces  other options, accessories, and/or complementary products for shoppers to consider

It’s important to follow A+ content best practices such as using high-quality imagery and a variety of image types. Having a strategic approach to your PDP is also crucial. For example, the Code3 creative, content, and technical teams work together to ensure the technical strategy behind the scenes is in place, and all appropriate keywords are incorporated into A+ text. 

A+ Content Examples to Inspire Your Brand 

Our Code3 Creative Strategists work to implement Amazon A+ content design that tells a visually pleasing story, gives additional information on products and the brand, and of course: sells. Here are some A+ content examples to inspire you: 

Vicks uses icons to give a features overview for their cool mist humidifier, making it easy to visually understand a technical product. They also utilize the comparison chart to bring attention to a variety of other humidifier products and accessories. 

This Pony Jorgensen A+ page tells a compelling brand story, highlighting the quality of their products. The orange and black color scheme aligns with the brand, which can offer consumers a sense of security they are purchasing from the brand itself and not a third-party seller. 

Consumers will certainly be drawn in when they come across the Krylon Fusion A+ content page. The beautiful imagery highlights the wide range of uses for the Krylon Fusion spray paint while using text to bring attention to the details of the product. Finally, the cross-sell module at the bottom emphasizes the wide variety of sheens and textures available from Krylon, alerting consumers to more purchase opportunities. 

Bright colors, fun text, and imagery make the Miamica A+ page a treat for the eyes. The images do a great job of showcasing the product itself and all the other complementing products. The icons and following text quickly and easily display the features of the luggage tags. 

Tampico utilizes its A+ content to stay on brand with beautiful, colorful imagery and gives instructions on how to use the drink mix packets in a highly visual way. Further down, a combination of icons and lifestyle imagery showcases the portability of the product. 

The Kar's Nuts A+ page tells an All-American story, just like the brand itself. Imagery and text focus on ingredients and product features. And the cross-sell module highlights the wide variety of sizes and flavor options available. 

Looking at the Vineyard Vines A+ content page is like looking at an extension of their own website. The imagery tells a complete brand story, and important information like a sizing chart is also included. This general A+ page is used across all of their boy products, which is a great way to scale the general design and make an impact across a variety of ASINs. 

A+ pages aren’t just limited to consumer goods. Kaplan utilizes an A+ page to provide important information for one of their reference manuals, including a section about the authors and related titles. 

Brands have a unique opportunity to lean into the power of creative and strategic design. However, without the specialized expertise necessary, it’s easy to fade into the background on the channel.  If you could use a strategic partner for A+ page creation and much more, contact us. We’re happy to help or simply discuss your brand’s next steps toward enhancing your marketplace strategy.


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