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Amazon's 2019 Holiday Season
Amazon's 2019 Holiday Season

Amazon's 2019 holiday season was record-breaking on many levels. Now, brands that sell on Amazon need to assess this peak season. At Marketplace Strategy (MPS), we contribute to preparing our clients for the holidays. This year, we worked with clients to ensure all content, creative, and technical strategies were in place ahead of time. Clients were ready for the ‘Turkey 6’ time period, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Working ahead was crucial so changes were submitted before Amazon’s deadlines. Continue reading for what MPS learned during Amazon's 2019 holiday season.

Cyber Monday Broke Records 

Cyber Monday 2019 was the biggest shopping day in company history for Amazon. Reports show orders placed for products in the toy and fashion category were major contributors to this success. Amazon devices were also more popular than ever before. The days following Thanksgiving have historically been crucial to brands and retailers. But, when it comes to Amazon, Cyber Monday has proven to be worth focusing on alongside Prime Day.

MPS Client Highlights 

MPS clients across all categories expanded their discount and advertising strategies during the weekend following Thanksgiving. MPS clients saw record-breaking organic sales and ad-attributed sales. Some notable callouts from the 2019 holiday season include: 

  • A multinational conglomerate saw its highest sales attributed to Amazon DSP on Cyber Monday. These results outpaced Black Friday numbers by $6 thousand. 

  • A technology manufacturer using both Vendor and Seller Central saw an increase of 142% in sales year over year on Vendor Central. This client also saw an increase of 298% in sales year over year on Seller Central. 

  • An American snack company saw a 13.5% increase in sales over the month including Black Friday and Cyber Monday (compared to the four weeks prior.) Although this client is already the market leader, market share grew by up to 5 points across its different product lines.  

What’s Next and What Does this all Mean? 

Since Amazon’s most successful day in the company's history is credited to Cyber Monday, brands will need to refresh focus on this opportunity. Clients reported impressive sales increases and positive ROI and RoAS metrics. But clients also saw movement when it came to capturing market share. Applying these learnings during Prime Day strategies in 2020 and throughout the year will be crucial. 

Another lesson learned during the 2019 holiday season on Amazon is the importance of Advertising on the channel. Advertising has shown its value throughout the year and especially during peak seasons. To ensure the best results, strategists will determine what worked best during the holiday season and refine campaigns in 2020. 

Finally, other marketplaces like,, and Wayfair are competing with Amazon for a share of the market. We look forward to learning how the landscape will change and how we can position our clients to win. If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. As always, we’re here to answer your questions.

Amazon's 2019 Holiday Season

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