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Item Health Report
Item Health Report

Since Walmart launched its self-serve advertising platform earlier this year, MPS has been informed of its many developments. Recently, our client teams were notified of Walmart Connect's latest update, the Item Health Report. This news was met with excitement because it could be monumental in our clients’ strategies. Continue reading to learn more about the new report available through Walmart's advertising portal.

What is the Item Health Report? 

At the end of July, MPS strategists were notified of an update to our clients’ Walmart advertising portals. A new report, known as the Item Health Report, is now available to brands running automatic Sponsored Product campaigns. 

This report was designed to help brands more easily recognize items in their catalogs that aren’t meeting performance potential. Within the Item Health Report, SKUs are listed along with information and data regarding inventory, page views, Buy Box status, and more. All SKU’s with enabled automatic campaign coverage for at least three days are included with data spanning the previous seven-day period.

Where Can I Find the Item Health Report? 

Walmart’s Item Health Report is available within Walmart Ad Center accounts under ‘reports’.

Item Health Report

Strategic Considerations

The report offers brands insight into which SKUs are the strongest within their catalog. And, ultimately, brands or their agencies can use this information to attribute budget to products that will guarantee a return.    

This development is particularly exciting to those that also sell on Amazon. Mostly because there's less visibility into Buy Box or availability rates on Amazon. Now brands that sell and advertise on Walmart will be able to determine why there are fluctuations in ad spend. For example, increases or decreases could be a result of stock issues or a lost Buy Box rather than not having a strong enough bidding strategy.

At MPS we look forward to using this new report to more efficiently manage our clients' advertising campaigns on Walmart. It will undoubtedly be easier to improve performance on a product level and take a more intentional approach.

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, as always, we’re here to answer any questions regarding your brand’s Walmart efforts.

Item Health Report


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