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First, we want to take a moment to welcome you to the Marketplace Strategy Blog, and thank you for heading our way.

MPS was conceived likely for many of the same reasons your company may be devoting more resources towards We have seen the massive potential it has in causing significant revenue growth for brands in nearly every consumer category.

Furthermore, we see how many organizations are leaving a significant opportunity on the table through their inaction and lack of attention to the channel.

MPS’s team has worked with -- and helped grow the Amazon presence of -- an array of companies, including Federal-Mogul Auto Parts, Powerstep insoles, and Good! Greens nutrition bars..

In fact, we’ve seen the power of what a little effort and know-how can do, and seen our clients’ Amazon revenue grow by as much as 1200% in 10 months!

Sure, we’re not the first company out there to offer -- or even focus exclusively on --, but we’ve designed a unique approach that reaches beyond the typical marketing and content considerations focused on by traditional Amazon optimization programs. We’ve put together a strategic set of considerations that bring more ideas and strategies to the table to truly maximize revenue.

We think this big-picture approach to the channel considers more variables and pulls more levels than any other service out there today.

Whether you’re a century-old company who has never sold direct-to-consumer, or an established Amazon seller whose growth has stagnated, MPS immerses itself into our clients’ current Amazon marketplace and designs a customized program that takes their efforts and revenue to the next level.

But enough of the commercial. That’s obviously not what this blog is about! We’ll be providing our thoughts and perspectives on the latest in Amazon and ecommerce strategy, and we’d love for you to join the conversation.

You also can follow us on Twitter at @marketplacestgy or on LinkedIn.

Thanks again for stopping by!


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