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With product photography, a little bit of Adobe Photoshop, stock photos, and eye-catching typography, your brand can make an impact on Amazon. Here a few surefire tips on enhancing product images that brands can utilize product images to increase brand awareness, product knowledge, and increased conversion rates.

1. The first image on Amazon is the Main image on a white background. If you are selling a pack, this is a great spot to add an icon, or use one image of multiple packs, to let the consumer know how many they would be purchasing

2. Product in a Setting images show the viewer how the product would be used. This should be simple, visual communication, often with a very short tagline or one piece of information. 

3. Simple Lifestyle images are product images that do not use text but instead focus on the visuals. They should be self-explanatory and easy to understand.

4. Callouts can be a lifestyle image or a stylized image of the product, with some information about the product itself, rather than a fun nonspecific tagline. 

A grocery subcategory of the callout style would be callouts for nutrition, ingredients or other food-related things that make the product stand out.

5. A Features image points out physical aspects of the product that would appeal to and inform the viewer.

6. Typographic Images are a great way to add design flair and help reduce redundancy in your product images. Use color and pattern, iconography, or imagery related to the product along with bold typographic statements.

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