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Amazon Acronyms

It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever-growing list of Amazon acronyms. Usually, dropping the acronym into a search engine is enough to gather some additional information. But on the other hand, more insight is often needed to gain a full understanding of how the term can be applied, and its relevance to a brand's strategy. Continue reading for a preview of some acronyms included in our latest guide, 100+ Amazon Acronyms for Brands and Sellers.

As Amazon continues to grow, it releases new programs designed to make it easier for brands to find success on the channel. For example, Born to Run was released to vendors in 2019 to help solve one of the most common challenges faced by brands. In our guide, 100+ Amazon Acronyms for Brands and Sellers, Born to Run (B2R) is defined as follows.

BTR (B2R) Born to Run. An opt-in program used by brands to launch products and build sales velocity more effectively. 

Experts at Marketplace Strategy (MPS) have offered their perspective and more detail about BTR/B2R. We briefly discuss the history of the program and explain how it helps clients jump-start Amazon’s flywheel. 

Another term addressed in the 100+ Amazon Acronyms for Brands and Sellers guide is Internet Minimum Advertised Price.

iMAP - Internet Minimum Advertised Price. Similar to a MAP policy, but specific to products sold on the Internet. iMAPs allows manufacturers and brands to set a minimum price all online retailers or marketplaces agree upon.

Over the years, strategists at MPS have worked with a number of clients considering whether to sell on Amazon through a distributor. These conversations and decisions involve reviewing policies such as MAP and iMAP. Having a solid understanding of these policies can help brands take the best steps towards minimizing channel conflict. 

Finally, the 100+ Amazon Acronyms for Brands and Sellers guide includes acronyms associated with Amazon’s advertising offerings. Included below are two terms that are being more commonly used by the day.

OTT - Over-the-Top. A type of digital advertising provided through film and television content using a high-speed Internet connection rather than a cable or satellite provider. Through Amazon Advertising, OTT advertisements reach consumers in the form of TV commercials.

For a better understanding of the impact of OTT advertising, watch MPS and SharkNinja’s video case study. It addresses campaigns run during the holiday season using OTT advertising managed by MPS. 

TACoS - Total Advertising Cost of Sales. A variation of ACoS used to understand the impact of advertising on overall sales. TACoS provides a more holistic view than ACoS, bringing into consideration a brand’s organic growth as well.

TACoS is one of the many metrics brands should use to measure account health. Other measurements to consider can be found in this free guide. It also explains how to apply findings and address optimization, strategy, and profitability. 

To ensure your brand is up to speed with Amazon’s many acronyms, download this free guide. It includes more than 100 terms and corresponding definitions.


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