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Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry
Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry

Recently, grocery brands have been hard at work trying to successfully embrace and leverage e-commerce. Now, as more shoppers turn to online marketplaces to buy groceries, the need for an e-commerce presence is greater than ever. On Amazon, grocery and CPG brands have the option to use Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry. But, the number one question is, which is the best program for your brand? Continue reading for a comparison of Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry.

Amazon Fresh 

In early 2018, Prime Now folded into Amazon Fresh to streamline Amazon’s existing delivery services. With this change, Amazon Fresh discontinued its stand-alone subscription. Now it’s available to Prime members for free in select cities throughout the US.

Amazon Fresh sells a variety of products with the option of delivery or pickup. It’s most often used by shoppers looking for next-day delivery for their weekly groceries.

Amazon Pantry 

Amazon Pantry, formerly known as Prime Pantry, is also free to Prime members in select cities in the US. But, unlike Amazon Fresh, Pantry has a stand-alone subscription available. With this, shoppers aren’t required to have a Prime subscription to shop its products.  

Amazon Pantry has a smaller catalog than Fresh and doesn't offer a pickup option. It's a delivery-only service and shipping windows range from 1-4 days. Pantry is most often used by shoppers in the market for inexpensive items they reorder often. Through this service, shoppers can more easily meet order minimums and can simply reorder items in the future.

Which Option is Best for your Brand? 

Between the two, Amazon Fresh is considered to be most similar to a physical grocery store. And true to its name, Amazon Fresh sells produce, meat, seafood, and other perishable products. On the other hand, Amazon Pantry sells non-perishables in smaller quantities at lower prices. For example, snacks, cleaning products, vitamins, and toiletries. 

Grocery and CPG brands can sell their products on without using either Amazon Fresh or Amazon Pantry. However, doing so offers the advantage of expanding your brand’s footprint on the channel. 

For most brands, the choice between Fresh or Pantry comes down to the type of products it sells. Although, brands with a diverse catalog could sell on both. But, it’s important to note, both Pantry and Fresh are only available to Vendor Central brands that have a relationship with Amazon.

Final Thoughts 

As the demand for online grocery services grow, Amazon may eventually combine these options. A single leading program could be beneficial to brands and Amazon alike. Beyond Amazon, there are many grocery delivery and pickup options available. Walmart and Instacart for example. With more than one option through Amazon, there’s a risk of confusing customers. 

We look forward to the future of Amazon’s grocery services and those from other marketplaces. If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, if you have any questions about which grocery service is best for your business, please reach out.

Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry


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