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With a deal strategy finalized, and AMS campaigns mapped out and in testing, what else is left to do in preparation for Prime Day? Since Prime Day is now among one of the largest shopping days of the year, it’s imperative for brands to start synergizing promotional strategies across all channels and to sync marketing efforts with the rest of the brand.

When it comes to Amazon, we often see brands who internally view their Amazon promotional strategy to stay within the platform. We’re suggesting the opposite— you can be complimenting your brand’s entire promotional strategy on Amazon and using the brands' other outlets to drive sales on Amazon.

Here are 5 outlets to synergize your promotional strategy with Amazon:

  1. Email

Many brands have an extensive email list, and already have email promotions in the pipeline. For Prime Day, we encourage our brands to work with their marketing department to gain a piece of real estate in one of their emails promoting the Prime Day special(s) their brand is offering, or even offer another coupon or Lightning Deals. Placing the Prime Day deal in your customer’s inbox, even if they have not purchased from you in a while, will put your brand back in the top of their mind when they will most likely be online during Prime Day.

  1. Social Media

Using social media platforms to drive sales to Amazon has been a huge success for many of our clients. Offering exclusive promo codes to Instagram or Facebook followers, creating custom Amazon Store landing pages with “As Seen on Instagram” products, and even adding product links to Instagram stories or basic social posts featuring an item, the clients who do that see increased sales almost immediately.

Putting a social campaign into play for Prime Day, showcasing your Amazon exclusive deal, is a great way to get those brand loyal customers to buy into your product deal. 

  1. Influencer Posts

Many of our clients have seen great success utilizing social media influencers who have followings similar to their product target market. While influencers do come at a price, the reach and influence they have can be very beneficial to brands with defined targets. If your brand already has relationships in play with social media influencers, make sure they are featuring and posting about your products following up to, and during, Prime Week. If you have a certain grouping of products that will be featured in Prime DayLightning Deals, a great idea some of our brands are using this year is sending out promotional packages featuring those items mid-June, along with exclusive influencer coupon codes and an announcement of what the deal will be. The strategic timing of brand visibility from influencers can lead customers straight to your detail pages during Prime Day!

  1. Website Alignment

We understand not every company wants to drive traffic from their website to Amazon if they could purchase the product straight from your dot com. A new tactic that brands are starting to embrace is matching Amazon promotions on their brand domain or advertising high-demand Amazon promotions on the banner headers of their homepage to increase awareness.

  1. Blog Posts

For brands who have how-to blogs, lifestyle blogs, or a brand focused blog posting articles featuring Prime Day product deals or utilizing the product in the posts. For some of our clients, this means writing seasonal recipes including their featured product or posting a step-by-step guide on crafting the latest family craft or a summer pool party must-have list, whatever it is to include your brand’s Prime Day deals and get consumers thinking about it!


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