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Over the next few months, Marketplace Strategy will be sharing a few actionable tactics on how to optimize your Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) account utilizing our best practices. The first tactic is organic product prioritization in customer search results.

The goal is to utilize AMS to drive increased organic keyword rankings for long-term ROAS improvements, which requires focusing on two key factors in campaign creation: building profitable campaigns, as well as building additional long-term ROAS.

In doing this, it is critical that you understand your catalog and product offering because you will need to know which products are already performing well and which have the best opportunity of winning in the market. If you have similar products, identify the ASIN that currently ranks best for that specific keyword and prioritize campaigns focused on that ASIN to boost its organic ranking and the chance of acquiring the Amazon’s Choice Badge.

In order to identify your specific priority keywords, you will want to evaluate keyword search volume from both your AMS data as well as 3rd party keyword tools like MerchantWords. Then, after identifying your priority keywords you will want to spot check your current rankings by going directly to the search results while in a Private/Incognito browser so that Amazon isn’t customizing your search results.

Then, specifically, match your AMS campaigns with products that are already ranking well with the secondary goal of improving your keyword rankings to capture increased organic traffic as well.

This secondary goal of increasing keyword rankings and acquiring Amazon Choice Badges should be factored into your campaign ROAS evaluation as it has subtle long-term positive benefits for your catalog as a whole.

In general, you should always be integrating your AMS strategy with your holistic Amazon channel strategy for the most optimal results.

Want to learn more or unlock the rest our AMS best practices and actionable tactics to optimize your account now? Download our Advanced AMS Strategies webinar.


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