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So, you’re going to meet with Amazon. How are you going to make the most out of this face time? Understand their perspective, ask the right questions, and prepare to have a productive discussion. Here we share our expertise to help you in your next meeting with Amazon.

Step Into the Shoes of an Amazon Vendor Manager

Understand who you’re speaking to and their goal for the conversation. Amazon Vendor Managers focus on the profitability of your products and growth potential. It’s possible that they will share opportunities that you can take advantage of. If you have a strategic Amazon Partner, they can help you interpret these opportunities and decide which to pursue.

Any Amazon Vendor Manager is busy, and their time should be respected. They will appreciate a shorter, more direct conversation. There’s also no need to wear a tuxedo. Amazon Vendor Managers will likely dress casually, and you can do the same (or, you can dress business casual to stay on the safe side).

Ask Your Amazon Representative The Right Questions

Use this time to ask meaningful questions. Learn about the top spenders and performers in your category. Try to gauge category size and growth rate while getting a sense for emerging sub-categories. It would also be helpful to ask if there are any new beta opportunities to take part in.

meet with Amazon

When you ask impactful questions, you’ll gain more than valuable answers. You’ll make a respectable impression with whomever you’re meeting at Amazon.

Before and After You Meet with Amazon

  • Preparation

Send an agenda in advance of your meeting with talking points and items you would like to have addressed. You want to be explicit in your expectations and include any tickets that make sense. If you do include tickets, add your Vendor Manager to them within Vendor Central.

  • Follow-Up

 Whomever you’re meeting with at Amazon will likely have more than one meeting that day. It’s crucial that you follow up via email with detailed notes, deadlines, and next steps so everyone is on the same page. This extra step will help both you and your Amazon representative to follow through in the days and weeks after you meet.

A chance to meet with Amazon is an opportunity to make strides for your brand. You can gain valuable insight and move your brand towards additional growth. It’s important to come prepared and then have a plan of attack once you wrap up the meeting.

We’re here to help you as your resource for all things Amazon. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us.


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