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There are endless options when it comes to choosing where to shop online, but for teens, there is a clear winner. More than half of teenagers choose Amazon over other e-commerce sites such as Nike, American Eagle, or Urban Outfitters. Continue reading to learn more about how Amazon is winning over the next generation.

Amazon is Winning Over the Next Generation through Convenience

Amazon understands teens grew up using the Internet and shopping online is second nature to them. To attract teens and keep them engaged, Amazon offers a variety of discounts through Prime Student. This tactic is used to bring in young users with a low price and get them to use its services and become accustomed to the benefits. So, when students become adults able to pay full price for a membership, they’re more likely to do so.

Amazon and Snapchat’s Partnership is a Recipe for Success 

According to Yahoo, Snapchat is the second-most-used social media platform by teens. Jumping on the heels of its popularity, Amazon partnered with Snapchat making it possible for users to shop for its products while using the app. When using SnapChat, users can take a photo of an image or barcode. If the photo represents a product for sale on Amazon, a prompt will appear allowing for clickthrough and purchase. Learn more about this partnership and feature from Business Insider

Amazon Teen Allows for Parents to Supervise 

With teens one of Amazon’s target audiences, it hasn’t forgotten about their parents. Amazon rolled out Amazon Teen so teens can shop and stream with the freedom of their own account while their parents can stay in touch with their habits. The only catch is parents have to be Amazon Prime members. Cool Mom Tech shares the benefits of the program from a parent’s point of view.

Amazon continues to remain forward-thinking and take action to tap into lucrative markets. It will be interesting to see the new developments and advancements Amazon makes as it identifies new markets to penetrate this year. 

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