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Amazon has officially expanded its US Sponsored Products advertising to Fresh. This means that brands can add their ASINs with AmazonFresh offers to any new or existing Sponsored Products campaign.

What is AmazonFresh? This is the e-commerce giant’s grocery delivery program. Users in select markets can order fresh meat and produce as well as household, health and beauty products and have them delivered to their doors.

Why Should You Care? This gives Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands a way to try to stand out among the huge array of products offered in the Fresh program.

Benefits of this Fresh Opportunity include:

  • Expand reach with Sponsored Products for AmazonFresh
  • Increase discoverability. Reach relevant audiences by promoting your AmazonFresh products across Amazon search results and product detail pages, including AmazonFresh searches.
  • Reach the right customers. Your products will only appear where they’re available for order, and only to customers eligible for Amazon Fresh delivery.
  • Build customer loyalty. Create long-term value with new shoppers by encouraging repeat shopping habits.
  • Gain visibility for your AmazonFresh products by reaching shoppers who are searching for products like yours.

Advertisers do not need to opt into this feature. Instead, it is automatically enabled for new and existing Sponsored Product campaigns. If an advertiser already has a Sponsored Products campaign running that features an ASIN with multiple offers, the Fresh offer is now eligible for display.

"Previously to this, you had to either utilize normal merchandising packages to reach customers from the AmazonFresh homepage via Shovelers or by Vendor Powered Coupons, but now you can actually target direct shoppers in the Fresh landscape that are doing specific search queries," says Marketplace Strategy's Lead Client Strategist, Curtis Rummel.

We’re excited about this new opportunity for our clients, to help them reach new customers from an ad platform where we’re already driving success. If you want to learn more about Marketplace Strategy's Early Adopter Amazon Advertising US Marketplace Accredited team, contact us today!


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