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The date has (finally) been announced: Prime Day is July 16-18. This year, the event will run for 36 hours instead of 30—giving Prime members more time to browse and buy, and you more time to drive sales on Amazon. With a date solidified, now all of our strategic planning is in go-mode to make this the best year of Prime Day sales for your brand.

Check out our Preparing for Prime Day blog series: 

Strategically Submitting Deals

Using AMS to Leverage Lightning Deals

Synergize Your Promotional Strategy

While deadlines for submitting Lightning Deals are in the past, there are still things you could be doing to ramp up your Prime Day preparedness! If your brand has deals planned, and even if you do not, the increased traffic that will be drawn to Amazon gives your brand a higher chance of conversion if your product is put in front of the customer.

Tens of millions of Prime members made a purchase on Prime Day 2017, more than 50% higher than the prior year. Marketplace Strategy suggests using advertising to help stand out from the crowd, reach a wider audience, and kick off the holiday shopping season. Start now to learn what works for your advertising strategy, and use those insights for the rest of the year (the holidays really are just around the corner). And by advertising on Amazon, you can help maximize your chance to reach, engage, and convert shoppers as they search to buy. Read about why it’s a smart strategy to launch campaigns now, learn bidding tips, and more.

When it comes to Amazon, we often see brands who internally view their Amazon promotional strategy to stay within the platform. We’re suggesting the opposite— you can be complimenting your brand’s entire promotional strategy on Amazon and using the brands other outlets to drive sales on Amazon. Read here for tips on how to utilize your promotional strategies across all marketing channels to boost Prime Day sales!


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