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When Americans make the decision to shop online, they prioritize brand favorability, trust, and community. The results are in and Amazon is America's favorite brand to meet these standards. Other large and well-known brands made the list but didn’t quite have what it takes to be number one. Continue reading to learn how Amazon earned the top spot.

How Did Amazon Rank as America's Favorite Brand?

America's favorite brand
America's Favorite Brand

The original study to determine the most-loved brand in the country was conducted by Morning Consult, a global technology company, during January and February 2019. Data was collected from more than 400,000 survey interviews. Scoring criteria to determine America's favorite brand were based on four metrics:

  • Favorability Score
  • Trust Score
  • Community Impact Score
  • Net Promoter Score

Morning Consult shares Amazon’s collective score as an example of how this breakdown works.

Who are Amazon’s Most Loyal Fans?

A demographic Morning Consult names as Consumer Elite fully back Amazon as its most beloved brand. This group of people makes up the population who have achieved at least a bachelor’s degree and earn an annual income of at least $75,000. Suburban consumers and men also prefer Amazon over any other brand.

Amazon ranked among the top six spots of each demographic group, even if it didn’t claim a specific segment’s number-one pick.

Amazon Ranks Highly as a Trusted Tech Company

Amazon ranked second only to USPS with 68 percent trust in privacy and security. This sentiment reflects the extent to which Amazon is ingrained in its consumers’ minds and how dedicated they are to its services.

We frequently share statistics and information demonstrating Amazon’s successes in different segments of retail. Now, we can confidently say it’s the most-preferred brand in the country.

If you want to take your brand’s Amazon strategy to its full potential, schedule a free consultation.


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