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E-commerce Advertising
E-commerce Advertising

In 2021, there are plenty of e-commerce advertising platforms for brands to consider. In part, this is largely due to how quickly e-commerce has grown in light of the pandemic. Before, there were only a few viable options, and many brands focused solely on Amazon. Now, as online marketplaces evolve with the landscape, brands face a new era of opportunity and strategy. To be successful, they will need to learn how to efficiently prioritize a variety of sales channels. And, when it comes to advertising, balancing more than just Amazon search and DSP could become a challenge. However, diving in headfirst this year is a must as the competition becomes stiffer than ever. Here we highlight four of the many emerging platforms. Continue reading for a high-level overview of some of the most popular among MPS clients.


First up is Walmart.com's advertising option. According to eMarketer, Walmart's e-commerce sales grew by more than 65% in 2020. This trajectory has allowed brands to expand their efforts beyond Amazon. 

There a many benefits to advertising on Walmart.com that make the channel stand out against the others. First is its ability to leverage in-store data. This is crucial for brands that want to understand their customers' buying habits. Advertisers can also take advantage of Walmart's built-in pickup and delivery model. It includes high-traffic placements that influence shoppers to discover and purchase their products. Some of the latest updates include personalized carousels, refined targeting, and premium in-grid placements. 

Check out this guide to help your brand achieve its advertising goals on Walmart.com.


Next is Target's advertising platform known as Roundel. The retailer's e-commerce presence has more than doubled in 2020 compounding on existing momentum. Now its advertising platform allows brands to expand their presence even further and diversify their ad spend.  

Like Walmart, Target has the advantage of its curbside pickup program. And, over the years, it has strengthened and refined its merchandising and online delivery operations. All of which makes it an appealing channel to a variety of brands. 

As of this writing, Target works with about 1,000 clients. While this is incomparable to the size of Amazon, it can pose a unique advantage to early adopters.


Instacart, one of the younger platforms on this list, has great potential. In 2020, the grocery and delivery company opened up a self-service advertising platform to brands. At first, the platform was tested by major names in the space and has become a key player in the future of e-commerce advertising. 

Currently, advertisers can leverage insights from more than 400 grocery chains throughout the US and Canada. And we expect Instacart to gain traction among CPG brands throughout 2021 and continue to grow. 

Check out this guide to help your brand achieve its advertising goals on Instacart.


In addition to Instacart, Kroger is another channel for grocery brands to watch. The retailer grew by nearly 80% year over year totaling more than $11 billion in sales. Over the years, the company has made strategic investments in its digital presence allowing for a successful 2020. 

This year, we expect many brands to begin embracing the channel and its advertising offering as it continues to grow and develop. The channel has thousands of pickup and delivery locations making it a natural choice for convenience-driven and safety-conscious consumers. 

Check out this blog post to better understand Kroger and how it could fit into your brand's channel diversification efforts.

Final Thoughts

As we move through 2021, brands will have to embrace marketplace expansion to remain competitive. With that comes a drastic increase in responsibility and the need for bandwidth and expertise.

If you could use the support of a strategic partner, schedule a free consultation. And, as always, we’re here to answer any questions about your brand’s presence on Amazon and other marketplaces. Finally, should you be interested in learning more about the results our clients experience through a partnership with MPS, check out these resources


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