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Hire and Amazon Agency

When Marketplace Strategy (MPS) began working with clients, there were only a handful of Amazon-focused agencies for brands to choose from. Fast forward to today, there are countless options for brands that want to hire an Amazon agency. Through our experience, we’ve had an inside look into what this process is like for brands and what’s most important to them. In this blog post, we share four considerations for hesitant brands.

With a Strong Agency, You’ll Never Miss a Beat 

Most brands, especially recently, are likely juggling many responsibilities. It’s common for brands to spend a considerable amount of time testing new tactics and learning sometimes difficult lessons along the way. With an agency, brands can save invaluable time and resources. Subsequently, they will be able to acheive success much faster and focus on other business needs. 

In addition, partnering with an agency can put brands’ minds at ease that they’re supported by the necessary expertise. During normal circumstances, an agency partner can be helpful and an irreplaceable extension of a brand’s team. But, during the pandemic, brands are relying on agencies to navigate the uncertain territory more than ever.

It’s an Investment in Success, Not a Sign of Weakness 

At MPS, we always discuss pricing with our prospects and clients to figure out what best fits their needs. For some, viewing this as an investment doesn't always make sense right away. Why pay for something when there's someone who can do it in-house? 

However, it’s important for brands to understand working with an agency isn’t a sign of weakness and shouldn't be an uncertain path forward. Instead, most have found it to be a respectable decision. One that is a strong business move and valuable to its future potential. Also, a capable agency will communicate what to expect from the relationship and their monetary investment.

Avoid One-Stop Shops & Tech-Heavy Solutions 

Over the years, MPS has grown and evolved along with the e-commerce industry. While our expertise and history are predominately Amazon-focused, our abilities have expanded. With this in mind, we encourage brands to consider whether an Amazon-only partner makes sense. Such agencies can limit brands should they wish to eventually expand onto Walmart or other marketplaces. 

Further, there are tech-heavy or tech-only solutions and agencies that could be a good fit for some. However, we've found Amazon and other marketplaces are far too complex for automation. They're not wired for a 'set it and forget it' strategy, at least not yet. This is not to say technology isn't fundamental to success in e-commerce. But, we've found blending human expertise and technology drives the best results.

Begin with Amazon’s Find-a-Partner Directory

Finally, when brands hire an Amazon agency, they can gain much-needed confidence. Managing efforts in-house can limit a brand to its internal expertise and capacity among employees. But, bringing on an agency can open the door to new possibilities and opportunities.

Since there are countless agencies, we suggest browsing Amazon's Find-a-Partner directory. Doing so can save brands from spending unnecessary time and effort vetting partners that haven't been vetted by Amazon itself.

If you’d like to discuss this blog post, please get in touch. And, if you’re interested in evaluating the potential for a partnership between your brand and MPS, schedule a free consultation

Hire and Amazon Agency


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