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Code3 partnered with a top vitamins and supplements brand to take advantage of increased traffic in December and create a successful EOY push. This initiative set the brand up for success in January, a peak month in the category.



YoY increase in sessions



YoY increase in sales



MoM increase in branded searches


Code3 worked with a top vitamin brand on a unique "New year, New You" EOY strategy. 

Knowing that most other brands scale back in mid-to-late December as traffic tends to decrease after the Black Friday through Cyber Monday timeframe, Code3 took advantage of this lull in competitive spend to drive incremental business and continue pushing traffic at a more efficient rate. 




The objective was to increase market share and new-to-brand customers throughout this campaign by driving efficient incremental traffic to our product detail pages in order to grow the brand.

In order to continue driving awareness among new-to-brand customers, Code3 increased our STV focus. This allowed us to then drive customers down the funnel via retargeting and contextual DSP tactics, capturing purchase intent and driving longer-term loyalty via subscribe and save.


We mined audience overlap and audience segmentation reports to discover relevant, new Lifestyle and New-to-Category audiences that we began to introduce to the brand throughout the funnel. In addition to our priority core products, we also drove traffic to a handful of newer Immunity and Beauty products within the catalog to further increase shopper exposure.

Throughout Q1 we aggressively retargeted past purchasers to drive subscriptions and lifetime value.

In addition to using standard, run-of-network STV inventory, we also tapped into private marketplaces, specifically targeting Discovery’s network (given the network’s alignment with the brand’s audience) as well as contextually targeted private marketplaces built around New Year New You, Nutrition & Fitness, and Vitamins & Supplements.


1. 46% YoY increase in sessions

2. 24% YoY increase in sales

3. 8.45% QoQ increase in New-to-Brand sales QoQ

4. 58% MoM increase in branded searched MoM

The focused incremental push in Q4 2021 through Q1 2022 drove the volume and efficiency the brand was looking for, allowing us to tap into additional opportunities later on in 2022. 



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