Code3 worked with a popular Consumer Electronics brand to reach a goal of 38,700 units sold of a particular ASIN on Cyber Monday. Code3 surpassed this goal and our secondary goals. 



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Code3 had worked with a popular Consumer Electronics brand for nearly 4 years. Throughout that partnership, the brand has continually had strong market share across the multiple product categories in which they sell.

Both the brand and Code3 understand the impact that tentpole events such as Prime Day or Cyber Monday can have for a brand or product, especially when making the proper investment before, during, and after the event.




The overall objective of the campaign was to fully sell through 38,700 units of a Robot Vacuum that had a Deal of the Day on Cyber Monday. This was a lofty goal due to competition in the category, and because YTD sales of the ASIN were 40,587.

This was the only Deal of the Day the brand had on Cyber Monday, so we were able to channel all of our efforts into pushing this specific ASIN. 

We also had secondary goals of achieving Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller Badges in order to improve organic rankings, CTRs, and Conversion Rates and to meet a blended ROAS goal of $10 across all media. 


On the Sponsored Ads side, we targeted a 50% / 40% split between non-brand and brand tactics, with the additional 10% going towards conquesting our competitors. We aggressively targeted our top competitors' branded terms and their PDPs, while also ensuring we maintained strong SOV on high-priority non-brand keywords directly related to our product. 

On the DSP side, we put 30% of our budget towards Retargeting. From there, we divided the remaining budget across In-Market, Similar Product Views, and Contextual audiences, ensuring we captured both mid and top-of-the-funnel demand.

Together, our full-funnel strategy across both Sponsored Ads and DSP enabled us to get in front of all the highly-engaged shoppers and meet our unit goal for the product. 


We surpassed the goal of 38,700 units sold and hit our stretch goal of 41,500. It was the single highest daily amount in the brand’s history of selling on Amazon.

Daily Glance views went from under 10,000 per day to nearly 600,000 on Cyber Monday. The conversion rate increased from around 0.40% to 6.91% on Cyber Monday. 

We also greatly exceeded our $10 blended ROAS goal across Sponsored Ads and DSP with a ROAS of $17.98 on Cyber Monday.

This ASIN helped drive approximately 12M of revenue to the brand on Cyber Monday. 


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