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Jabra is a global brand specializing in providing best-in-class audio and electronics solutions. Jabra's product lines consist of headphones, headsets, and speakerphones. Before partnering with Code3 (formerly Marketplace Strategy), Jabra managed its Amazon presence internally. Now, Code3 is fully integrated into Jabra’s global strategy on the channel.

Code3 was tasked with implementing a custom full-service strategy for Jabra's Amazon presence. This included content and creative efforts, technical support, a new product launch, and restructuring Jabra's advertising efforts.


Code3 has played an invaluable role in expanding our Amazon efforts, developing best-in-class content, and reaching new consumers. Jabra has decided to create an international ‘agency model’ based upon our relationship with them and we look forward to additional product launches with their guidance.



At first, Code3's creative and content teams focused on Jabra’s top sellers and new products, including the launch of the Elite 85h Wireless Headphones. Before launch, strategists optimized its listing content to encourage early conversion and jumpstart initial sales velocity.

Technical analysts consistently monitor Jabra’s catalog to identify and respond to third-party activity. Initially, more than 200 third-party listings were discovered and 70 duplicate listings were merged. 

Jabra’s enterprise products have a number of technical specifications that need to be clear and easily visible for Amazon customers to make an informed sale. To simplify Jabra's catalog, Code3 grouped products with a common compatible operating system into one listing by updating variation naming conventions and streamlining verbiage

These products often belong to a ‘family’ or ‘series’ based on features or capabilities. Again, Code3 grouped related products into a single listing to improve organic visibility and create an opportunity for Jabra to cross-sell products.

Advertising strategists restructured Jabra’s account and focused on a 1:1 targeting structure. Search and DSP initiatives were aligned to ensure consistent and complementary coverage. 


If you want to build awareness for your brand while simultaneously keeping CAC at an efficient level, Code3 can help. Working with Code3 is an opportunity to strengthen your brand by capitalizing on awareness across multiple platforms, channels, and markets to acquire new customers. Code3 will create a comprehensive strategy for your brand that tracks each critical company benchmark and delivers measurable results. Contact us today to learn more.


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