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Harlem Cycle is an indoor cycling studio in New York City. Harlem Cycle was born from the belief that fitness is essential, and essential to fitness is belonging. The studio focuses on building community and a sense of belonging 






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Harlem Cycle came to Code3 through the Meta/SMBs program. Harlem Cycle wanted to increase sales on their site through promoting the value of body health over body shape, high engagement over high fees, and community over competition. 



The objective was to drive sales through increased web traffic and generate leads to purchase on the site. Code3 developed video assets to drive traffic by promoting Harlem Cycle's inclusive messaging and community mission. 


Code3 focused on targeting: females aged 25-55, people in Harlem and the surrounding areas, and people interested in cycling, spin, hip hop, fitness, wellness, weight loss, and working out. We also targeted those interested in Harlem and women-owned businesses.

We emphasized indoor cycling and cycling and created three key video campaigns with different messaging: "as seen in" focusing on news coverage of Harlem Cycle, "every body belongs here" focusing on messaging about inclusivity, and "key value props" focusing on Harlem Cycle's community-oriented mission. 




Overall our campaign saw excellent upper funnel results, with 400 link clicks and 200 people driven to the Harlem Cycle website.

Indoor Cycling and Cycling drove the majority of link clicks and landing page views, showing how well this audience connects to Harlem Cycle's brand offerings. 

As Seen In was our top performing creative, driving the most engagement with link clicks (294), landing page views (210), as well as an efficient CTR (0.51%). The editorial callouts in this asset help to add credibility from well-known publications.

Everybody Belongs Here creative was the second top performer driving 69 link clicks and 28 landing page views. This creative is similar to As Seen In, emphasizing indoor cycling, while also focusing on being a part of a community.

Key Value Props was the weakest performer compared to the other two ads, which drove 56 link clicks and 27 landing page views. This ad features value props of Harlem Cycle but doesn't have as much of an emphasis on cycling as our other ads do, which perhaps wasn't enough context for users scrolling through their feeds.

We recommended that in future campaigns, Harlem Cycle continues to target Indoor Cycling and Cycling and use creative that draws in this target audience. 



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